April Richardson


My name is April and I perform stand-up comedy. I feel kind of weird trying to convince you of my hilarity via the Internet, so I'll say this: People have allowed me to perform on the same stages as the likes of Patton Oswalt, Todd Glass, Jimmy Pardo, Maria Bamford, and ELTON JOHN (this is true!), to name a few... so I can't be too horrible at this. I mean, right? Plus, I'm even on television sometimes, and we all know only the highest quality people/things/concepts get to be on TV!

Okay, after all that stuff that almost sounds self-deprecating, I will say that people outside of my immediate family and small circle of friends have told me that I'm funny (including GLENN M.F. DANZIG — for real), so that has to legitimize me somehow. It would be awesome (and flattering!) if, after seeing me, you shared that opinion. If not, it's cool; I understand. To each his own and all that. One person's trash is another person's treasure. What goes around comes around. Two birds, one stone. You snooze you lose!